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Remington 870 1100 Non-Mim Machined Extractor.

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An extractor is a part found in most firearms It removes the spent cases from the ammunition that gets fired after you pull the trigger With Remington 870 1100 extractors you can use a non-MIM or a MIM extractor for the shotgun

Remington Extractor Non-Mim Brownells.

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Mim And Non-Mim Extractor For Remington 870 Shotgun.

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In Remington 870 Extractor Replacement post I have given instructions on replacement of a MIM extractor with a non-MIM one Today I wan to share several photos showing differences between non-MIM and MIM extractors for Remington 870 Here are two photos showing differences between MIM and non-MiM Extractor

Remington 870 Non-Mim Extractor.

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Remington 870 Extractor Mim Or Non-Mim Removal And Installation.

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Changing Remington 870 Extractor MIM or Non-MIM Difference Between MIM and Non-MIM Extractors for Remington 870 http www rem870 com 2012 10 16 remingto