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Competition Shellholder Sets - Redding Reloading Equipment .

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Reloading equipment for rifles handguns pistols revolvers custom dies bullet casting equipment powder measuring and weighing equipment bullet seating dies

Redding Competition Shellholder Set - Albertatacticalrifle Com.

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Competition Shellholder Sets now available in the following sizes 1 2 4 6 7 10 12 18 35 We have Size 01 06 and 35 in stock Other sizes can be special ordered

Competition Bullet Seating Die - Redding Reloading .

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No seating die on the market is built to this level of precision This patented design quickly established itself as the state of the art in straight line bullet seaters and beat the concentricity problems inherent in all other seating dies of this type

Solved My Headspace Problem With The Redding Competition .

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You can use the Lee method but you will get more headspace than you are looking for that is why you need the competition shell holders Those numbers like 0 010 on the shell holder is just approximate you have to measure actual headspace to ensure there is enough for chambering in your specific gun

Reloading Tools - Eabco Net.

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EABCO is an excellent company Buy from E A Brown you won t be disappointed in the customer service nor the quality of the products they offer