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Alliant Powder - Reloader S Guide.

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Reloader s Guide Alliant Powder Reload Recipes Back Recipe

Alliant Clay Dot - Powder Valley.

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Alliant Clay Dot Additional information Weight N A Options ALLIANT CLAY DOT 1 ALLIANT CLAY DOT 4 ALLIANT CLAY DOT 8 Brand Alliant Smokeless Powder Product Type Smokeless Powder Related products CCI 0008 209 Trap Skeet Primer 1000 28 00 Add to cart CCI 0009 209M Field Primers 1000

Alliant Clay Dot Powder 8 Keg -Ballisticproducts Com.

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Smokeless shotshell powder Designed for competition shooters Clay Dot is functionally and technically identical to competitive shotshell powders but at a reduced price This American-made powder meters the same through reloading press powder bushings and functions with the exact same powder charge weights to achieve equal velocities and pressures

Clay-Dot Powder Trap Shooters Forum.

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I ve never seen such a dirty powder having previously used Clays but I had to move to Clay-Dot while in the present Clays and others powder shortage In my opinion if that s Alliant s answer to Clays they ve got a long way to go yet

Alliant Clay Dot At Reloading Unlimited.

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Alliant Clay Dot is a fast burning shotgun powder It s a flake style powder If you look close you can see the clay colored kernels Clay dot is an excellent 12 gauge powder and it s made in