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Whirly-Gig - Mgm Targets.

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Please note early iterations of some MGM hexagonal shape targets were made measuring tip to tip measurements Since that time all MGM HexPlate targets have been standardized with the hexagonal shape measured by flat to flat dimensions which correlate to a 13 larger area than the same diameter round plate

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Shooting The Whirly-Gig Target.

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Shooting The Whirly-Gig spinning steel target by MGM Targets with OilTheGun GaryManDieVan and Brandon401401 Now I must say this was pretty hard and will take some practice at least for me anyway

Mgm Targets Whirly-Gig Versus 22lr.

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Sometimes it is just more fun to use a 22 LR rifle While the Whirly-Gig is designed as a centerfire target double-tapping with a 22 LR will often dislodge the plates Double your pleasure

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